Rapid turnaround.

In many transactions, the escrow arrangement is often the last consideration in a long and often difficult process and is of paramount importance.. When it comes to closing a deal, MB Escrow, Inc. is a responsive and dependable provider that can set up an escrow account under tight time constraints, sometimes within a matter of hours.


Our staff has the ability to service different types of escrow accounts for a variety of situations. With our trained and experienced escrow team, we deliver a smoother transaction with fewer hassles for your company.

Comprehensive capabilities.

MB Escrow will provide all of the services necessary to ensure a smooth transaction throughout the entire process – from review and preparation of the escrow agreement and instructions to the ultimate disbursement of the funds. That way, your business will not have to shoulder the administrative burden usually associated with managing an escrow account.

For more information contact any of our senior staff:
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